Class oriented Catalan Union

Under the name of Intersindical-CSC is formally established according to law on freedom of association, our organization, structured internally in Labor Areas (Federations), Youth, Regional Unions and exceptionally associations with the aim of organizing the working class of the Catalan Countries (Catalan-speaking areas under Spanish and French administration)

As a class oriented union, Intersindical-CSC comes out as a Catalan, solidary, independent and internationalist trade union that seeks for an independent and socially fair country.

 A nationwide Catalan Union

Intersindical-CSC is currently ranked fifth in Catalonia and the first one among Catalan Countries trade unions nationwide. It brings together members and union representatives all over the country, both Spanish and French areas. Likewise it is found in all sectors of production as industry, private services, civil service, public health, banking, private and public education, youth and pensioners.

 Our principles

 Intersindical-CSC works according the following principles:

  • Trade unions should support working class as joint action, organized, democratic, free and independent to stand for the labor, social, economic and national rights in order to transform the current social structure in another really fair, free and solidarity oriented.
  •  Trade union action must be based on the concept of the person as a driver, as a main focus and goal of the economic activity and social life.
  •  The core action of the Trade Union should aim at abolishing any oppression of some individuals and / or groups over others and the pursuit of a social and economic structure whose aim is the full development of the human being and the achievement of appropriate responses to their fair needs.
  •  Collective interests are above any privileged minority. We believe in a real social and economic democracy to allow greater participation of the working class on social and economic decisions, both in workplace as in the society.
  •  The Trade Union is a struggle tool against abuse of power and the strike a righteous tool to stand for working class interests.
  •  Dialogue and the decision of the majority, respecting minority views, upholding diversity and freedom of association are the core in the struggle achieving our goals.
  •  We must promote a joint action among the labor movement as a value to increase the outputs on defending the working class interests.
  •  The whole Catalan-speaking areas (Països Catalans) have the inalienable and unequivocal self-determination right as a nation, and the national liberation is closely linked to social transformation we deserve as a citizens and working people.
  • Equal opportunities, rights and duties between men and women and for all people must be not just a declaration of intent, but a effective implementation in all aspects of life. We foster for equal education as a reality and real struggle to get it among all people as a cross-cutting issue of the Union action and our claims.
  • Catalan is Catalonia’s own language and a major cultural assets of our nation. We must uphold, boost and restore it in any activity undertaken by Intersindical-CSC.  Catalan Language must to be the main language of communication among all the working people living in Catalan – speaking areas. (Països Catalans)
  • One of the Union cross-cutting goals is standing for ecological balance and environment improving claiming at the same time its protection by the administration.
  • Essentially and indisputably Intersindical-CSC is entirely independent of any social, economic, politic or cultural group.
  • Discrimination, whether based on race, gender, religious faith, political opinion or any other personal and social consideration is an unacceptable practice against which we struggle as plural and democratic organization.
  • The standoff or oppression amongst peoples are improper acts on developed societies. We reject it because we strongly believe on self-determination right of the peoples and inalienable right to live in peace with social justice.
  • Civil society must have a major role to determine the living conditions. Organizations forming part of the civil society, as well as the citizenship, must be heard and taken into account about decisions that affect us. We struggle to eliminate bureaucracy in public administration for making progress towards a real participatory democracy.
  • We encourage workers training, promoting study and research to improve trade union action.
  • We believe on solidarity and mutual support among workers people in order to defend and claim ours labor, social, economical and national rights.
  • We strive to build a world of free and solidary peoples, transforming the current states structures by means of the worker class strength. We are committed to work internationally in order to lend meaning to a labor movement of social transformation.

International involvement

Intersindical-CSC enjoys fraternal friendship and mutual partnership with the left wing nationalist unions from Basque Country (LAB and ELA) and from Galicia (CIG), the most representative in their respective countries.

At the global level, Intersindical-CSC is member of the Executive Board of the Platform of Stateless Trade Unions (PSCNSE) and at the same time full member of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU).

On the field of the international solidarity, we engage training, human rights and cooperation programs with Colombians unions (Fensuagro, Astracatol and Sintraunal), Ecuadorian unions (Fenocin) and Bolivian unions (CSUTCB).

As well Intersindical-CSC is member of the Europeans for Peace in Colombia International Bureau and founder and member of International Action for Peace, a international volunteers organisation that stands for safeguard the live of the human rights defenders.

Some historical notes

Founding of Solidarity of Catalan Workers (Solidaritat d’Obrers de Catalunya

During the Franco’s dictatorship, Catalan nationalists, Anarchist and Christian workers established Solidarity of Catalan Christian Workers, although evolved afterward as a Solidarity of Catalan Workers. (SOC)

Founding of Workers Confederation of Catalan Trade Unions (CSTC)

Established from the confluence of SOC and Workers Group, an Independentist and Marxist trade union linked to the Socialist Party of National Liberation (PSAN)

Founding of the Confederation of Catalan Trade Unions (CSC)

CSTC and SQC joined together and established in 1987 the Confederation of Catalan Trade Unions.

Constituent Congress of the Intersindical-CSC

As a process of recruiting new branch unions, it is set up in 1993 Intersindical-CSC, as a class oriented trade union confederation.


II National Congress of Intersindical-CSC

It is held the 2nd congress under the theme “Towards a Independent and Catalan Unionism” renewing and strengthening the commitment with Catalan working people.

III National Congress of Intersindical-CSC

Under the theme “Going forward, the strength of the Catalan Trade Union” it held the 3rd congress, asserting the union project, increasing the trade union members and with the will to truly become a nationwide organisation.

In this congress is adopted a resolution against the European Constitution, that curtails the labour, social, democratic and national rights.

IV National Congress of Intersindical-CSC

Under the theme “Building Future: Work, Land, Trade Union” it held the 4th congress, updating the union project of social transformation and national liberation.

Underscoring the commitment and showing solidarity to the newcomer workers, the struggle for labour rights worldwide and the commitment to move forward to the social and national liberation of Catalonia. It is entrenched the labour federation structure and regional extension.

V National Congress of Intersindical-CSC

Under the theme ‘SOM (We Are, In Catalan language): Join, Organize and Take Action’, it held the 5th congress, being elected as a General secretary Carles Sastre. Pursuing the structure pushed on the 4th congress, the guidelines papers were adopted with a broad support of the delegates that attended the congress. The union is firmly committed with the struggle for Catalonia’s Independence, implementing effective methodologies upon political and social stage.

Regarding the trade-union action, it was emphasized the commitment to build a working class alternative all over workplaces, noting that is no longer possible making deals that only lead the working people to worsen its situation. Likewise it was emphasized the need of accumulation of power in order to face the current social hegemony.

The congress adopted a resolution in favour of social services and another one calling for a Independent and Sovereign Catalonia based on ‘equality, solidarity and working people’s participation in decision-making’. At the same time the congress encouraged to hold a referendum about the international bodies participation issue, such NATO or EU. Furthermore it was considered that the era to achieve our own labour relations framework was over, and the Independence of Catalonia as the only chance to regain and achieve new social and labour rights.

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